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Small car Reviews

Talking about small cars seems to be very exciting not only because they are affordable but also because of the kind of performance they display. You can give many credits to this small car industry in the growth of automotive sector. Today there are many well know companies across the world, bringing in small cars for sale in the market in order to meet up with the requirements of the customers. The main reason behind manufacturing such small cars is that even a common man can afford to buy it without compromising on quality features.

There are some famous names included in the list of small car companies like Ford, Maruti, Tata, Reva and so on. Let us have a view at some of the latest model brought by these companies which enhanced the meaning of small cars.

Ford Figo the grand car brought up by Ford motors

After Volkswagen, Ford is the company which has earned lot of reputation in market and has also gained excellent amount of customers for its brand Ford Figo. The capability of this company can be determined by its quality product and the way it survived even during the period of great depression. Globally this company has earned lot of reputation and is continuing to do so with its new vehicles.

Ford Figo the fourth generation of Ford Fiesta is available in both petrol as well as diesel engine delivering different power.

Petrol engine: Various emission norms are met by 1.2 liter petrol SEFI producing mileage of around 12.5 kilometer per liter. This powered engine with five speed manual transmission produces maximum torque and horse power.

Diesel engine: Again diesel engine has also gained popularity mainly due to its fuel economy nature. The Duratorq 1.4 liter engine is such which delivers high efficiency with great economical value. The mileage provided by the engine is of around 1.4 kilo meter per liter. Five speed manual transmissions along with power steering add more to the performance of car with diesel engine.

As far as interior of the car is concerned it has been magnificently designed keeping in mind the comfort level of passenger as well as driver. Seats in this car are very comfy, especially drivers seat which can even make healthy person sit comfortably. The wheel base of the car is also larger then Fiesta. You can also find good leg room as well as head room which would enhance the comfort level.

With Omni and Alto Maruti enhanced the sale level

Maruti Suzuki is very known bran in India and is considered to be the largest selling car. Why has it gained so much of reputation in Indian market? Price and quality are two main factors involved behind success of this company. Even a middle class man can afford to buy the car manufactured by this company.

Among its various vehicles Maruti Omni and Maruti Alto are the two major productions which met the market needs efficiently. The designing has been done keeping in mind the terrain of India. The strong wheel base has made it easy for drivers to drive the car.

Maruti Omni: It is one of the Maruti vans which has high passenger carrying capacity and gives good mileage. High performance giving ability and suitable price are the two main reasons which has made enhanced possibility of higher sales. Some of the excellent features which you can find in this van are:

Hatchback door lock

Lock system of steering

ELR belts, static seat belts

Cabin light

Thermoplastic bumper

Door beams

Quality and advanced brakes

Maruti Alto: The second generation of Maruti Alto is completely loaded with high quality features. They understand the importance of safety features in an appropriate way and so have designed car accordingly. Here you can find safety features like stop lamp, clear lens lamp, tubeless tires, side beams, airbags, etc. Also you can find other features like power windows, ABS, quality engine, rear wiper, fog lamp, CD player, etc.

Reva, the suitable electric car company

Reva is considered t be one of the major players among producing electric cars in a long run. In May 2010 it was acquired by Mahindra the ell known automobile company with maximum stake. This company entered in to the market of electric car where scope of getting success was less but they managed to survive by introducing various models like REVA NXG, NXR, REVAi, etc.

This company plays major role in enhancing popularity of the electric car in market and in near future is expected to rise. With such electric cars emission of harmful gases in the air would get reduced and it would contribute to the protection of environment. You can find these cars with lead acid batteries and Lithium ion batteries. Getting back up battery is also very convenient and this can prevent you from risk of depletion.

Tiny Tata Nano and Magic, cool invention by Tata motors

Owing a car is dream of many people, even those who belong to lower income group. Tata Nano made their dream come true by first bringing Nano in the market. In the year wanted to produce car with least cost and for this and so to meet this vision they were working on the project since 2003. Nano is very light in weight and so there is no need of power steering. Also you can find one wiper instead of two, but it is quiet huge. You can find view mirrors only on one side of the car and in a base model there are no air bags, ABS, also. Following this there are many companies who are planning to bring in small cars to meet consumer needs.

When we talk about designing aspect of a car, Tata has brought some exclusive designs in market. Tata magic is the smaller version of transportation vehicle which has been designed keeping in mind the narrow roads of India. You can find many safety features in this car like seat belts, brakes assisted with vacuum, large windscreen, etc. Some things which Magic assures are low maintenance, high fuel efficiency, good long life, etc.

Driving comfort is something which must be concerned before buying any kind of small car. You should get enough leg room, head room, etc in order to enjoy driving. Today for small car is very easy as you just have surf net and get detail information. While looking for new cars or used cars for sale if you are falling out of budget then do think of purchasing small car. There are many people who have misconception that small cars are not effectively designed and they might have to compromise on quality features.

But this is not the case as there are many well known companies involved with the production of small cars. You just need to gain some information in relation to company and find out whether they are providing you with car possessing excellent features.

Fiat Punto 1.2 reviews in USA

Italian manufacturer named “Fiat” brought Punto in to existence in the year 1993 banging the cars for sale industry with effective petrol engine producing great speed of around 182 kmph with Hatchback type of body. In USA the popularity achieved by this car is commendable and is considered to be dynamic car for current generation. If you are not so much keen to know about this car as it might not sound interesting to you, but give it a chance. Have a test drive as this might change your view in terms of comfortable driving.

No car is hundred percent perfect, so while looking for any of the car see to it that what the competitors have to provide you with in terms of features as well as quality. Now say today in market cars which are giving competition to Fiat Punto 1.2 are Ford Fiesta, Porsche Panamera, Chevrolet Cruze, BMW 5 – series, Volvo, VW polo, Ford Figo, Tata Indica Vista, etc which possess quality features. When we talk about standard performance of the car, Punto 1.2 might top the list.

Design and styling of Fiat Punto

Dynamic design with complete stylish features makes Fiat Punto recognizable in such a tough competition. The designing is very effective and if you are a short person then can find it easy to drive such car. It provides maximum comfort to short people and the Punto 1.2 models seems to be small and appealing. Designing is done keeping in mind the safety of passenger and as it is spacious in nature it becomes easy for people of any age group to drive it.

The designers here have made effort to implement some features like that of race cars. Their efforts were good but it did not resulted to the desired outcome. Also the wheels here are effective but they do need little alteration. You can find these cars in many colors with quality interior as well as exterior design of the car. The efforts made by designers are good but somewhere they lack efficiency as to strive in this competition you need something which is exceptional.

Update: 2 new Punto variants launched

Punto range adds glitz to the Fiat brand and has somewhere enhanced popularity of Fiat in the market. You can find two variants launched by Fiat in the market among which one is 1.2 Dynamic Fire model and another is 1.2 Emotion Fire model. Apart from these there are also other two models available like Active and Emotion pack. There is hardly any price difference between these two models and are considered to be the best Punto generation vehicle.

Features which you can find in these two variants are:

1.2 Dynamic Fire Model

Fire forestalling system

Power windows

Tilt steering

Automatic service reminder

Central lock system

Rear power windows

CD with MP3 player

1.2 Emotion Fire Model

Audio system

Fog lamps

Split seating arrangement

Electric mirrors

Manual transmission

Front wheel drive with five speed gear box

Front and Rear suspension

These variants have been brought in to existence by making some value added changes which ultimately results in increase in popularity of the Fiat brand.

Interior and comfort feature of Fiat Punto

As far as interior of Fiat Punto 1.2 is concerned it is very commendable and also spacious. It provides enough of leg room as well as head room which make it easy for driver to drive the car. Apart from this you also need to take care of some of the safety features like Stability control device, climate control device, airbags, ABS, remote control locking, etc. Also the designing is done in such a way that it makes it easy for people to get in and come out of the car.

The attractive look of the car is mainly due to usage of hard plastic but it is not so comfortable. Even maintenance of this car is not at all a complicated issue as it is quiet spacious but when it comes to goods carrying capacity or cargo system it is quiet less. Passenger electric window is also among one of its disadvantages. Also the power steering which you find here is light in both the modes. Interior designed here is of Italian style. Fiat Punto 1.2 consist of models among which some are under powered, but the way it is designed, it would never make you feel as if you are in some small car.

Engine options of Fiat Punto

Many people find 1.2 engines small and so they try to customize it with large engine say 1.4 or 1.3. But this is very complicated job; instead you can change sports clutch, lightened flywheel, better exhaust, etc. The power delivered by 1.2 petrol engines is 68 Bhp with maximum torque. The efficiency which 1.2 liter engine showcases is also quiet magnificent and also make driving smooth functioning.

Model of Fiat Punto

Dallavilas Punto, Stohl’s Punto, Galli’s punto are some of the well known model available in Fiat Punto and are gaining lot of importance from customers. The increase in popularity of such demand showcases the quality of car provided by Fiat. By making use of all such models it becomes easy to even enjoy the sporty look of the car.

Price and safety features of Fiat Punto

Different Fiat Punto possess different price and all are within range of 4 lakh to that of 6 lakh. Other versions like 1.2 Active, 1.2 Emotion, 1.2 Emption pack, 1.2 Dynamic are all of different ranges and so you need to make proper research work before purchasing any of the Car of Fiat Punto.

You can enjoy maximum safety features like ABS, Airbags, stability control device, etc which can make ride soothing for you. As far as price affordability is concerned these cars might go ahead of all.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reviews of 2011 Honda Odyssey

Having first look at 2011 Honda Odyssey is quiet impressive as it seems they have ingeniously redesigned interior as well as exterior of the car giving it astonishing look. You can say it has newly designed minivan which can comfortably carry around eight people at a time. 2011 Honda Odyssey is the complete package of style and is also fuel economical car.

This fourth generation of Honda Odyssey is quiet impressively designed and is most awaited cars for sale of 2011. This car is not only different from interior as well as exterior but it is also different from body posture giving it changed look.

Change in length, width and height of car

When compared to previous model you can find considerable amount of change in length, width and height of the car. Overall length of the car gets reduces to an inch and width increases of around 1.4 inches. There is hardly any difference in the height of the car, as it only gets reduces to half inch. These are some of the changes in the outer look of the car and you can also find these changes quiet adorable.

Shorter wheelbase

Wheelbase is basically space between front and back hinges. This can basically help you out to understand the room that a car can provide to its passengers. Wheelbase of this car is around 118.1 inches which is shorter compared to wheelbase of other cars.

Safety features of the car

It is important to have quality of safety features in car in order to prevent you from road accidents. In 2011 Honda Odyssey you can find ACET feature that showcases body structure of the car and increases the absorption of energy. Other than this you can find vehicle stability control device, anti lock break system, side airbags, passenger air bags, door beams, panic alarm, and so on.

Other features of the car

Engine plays an important role in smooth functioning of car and here you can find V6 engine which supports performance of the car. Along with V6 engine of 3.5 liter you can find horse power of 244 and power plant with five speed automatic transmission. It is fuel efficient car offering good mileage. Other than this you can find AC of 150 watt, trash bag ring, audio system, leather seating, 18 inch alloy wheels, power tailgate, etc.

Reviews of 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is

If you are looking forward to spend money in purchasing new cars or cars for sale then wait for the latest series of BMW which is going to hit the floor in the year 2011. 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is is completely packed with powerful performance and handling this car is not at all a tedious job. It is considered to be one of the fastest BMW model and has enough potential to that gives power pack performance.

Among various Z4 model this sDrive35is considered to be faster one and therefore it is named as Z4 roadster. The efficiency level of this car is quiet high due to quality of engine which increases the intake of air and this result in discharge of more power. Another thing that maintains the speed range of the engine is turbocharger system and this adds to the performance of BMW. Under this engine management system you can find the function that increases the level of torque.

Here hard work of engineer is noticeable as they have entirely reprogrammed the power steering system which would allow you to enjoy intense driving. Major changes in Z4 series are operating system of engine, electrical power steering and usage of fuel efficient technology like brakes evolving free generation of energy. Following are the various other changes found in 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is:

Dual clutch transmission (7 speeds)

Different exhaust system

New suspension as well as body kit

Alloy wheels (18 inch)

Aluminum trim bat with matte finish on a front bumper

New steering wheel (leather) with paddles of gearshift

Seats are completely sporty

The only aim of this new invention of Z4 series is to improvise the performance standard in line and to give a new driving experience to their customers. Surface area underneath is textured with black color and this gives refreshing look to a car. As far as interior and exterior of car is concerned, it sounds to be quiet astonishing and you can also have a view of the car from different angels. This will give you more clear idea about the new Z4 version of BMW

Reviews for Cheap Cars

Having your own car is no more luxurious factor as it is one among necessities of people. Today people don’t want to rely on public transports and this has enhanced purchase of cars. There are some categories of people who cannot afford to buy expensive cars and so they keep on looking for cheap cars. You will have to put in little efforts in order to get cheap cars by doing appropriate research work.

Usually people have misconception that cheap cars are not available in good quality, but this is not completely truth. There are cheap cars available in market which possesses excellent quality features like music system, Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioner, comfortable rear seats, leg room, headroom, and so on. It is important in any type of car to have good safety features like ABS, airbags, etc.

Apart from safety features it is also essential to have good quality of engine, clutches, tires, etc which can assist in smooth functioning of car. It is not just that used cars are cheaper in rates, but you can also avail new cars at cheaper rates.

While looking for used cars you can crack good deal, only if you scrutinize every factor. The main thing that can help you to determine the quality of used car is the reason involved behind the selling of car. Many times owner’s sale car due to financial crisis and in such cases you can find it easy to get cheap cars of good quality.

You can find many dealers online who can give you appropriate guidance when it comes to purchase of cheap cars. With the help of these dealers you can look for various cheap cars and then compare rates as well as features of the car to select the best among them.

Definitely you can save enough amount of money with the of cheap cars for sale, only you need to put some efforts that would gain efficient results for you. Don’t just go on appearance of the car, but also view at technicalities as this would help you in taking fair decision.

Used Cars Reviews

Getting efficient used cars at cheaper rates is just like solving some critical puzzle. It is not possible for common man to put in lot of money to make purchases of new car. If you search appropriately you can get used car at very affordable rates without compromising in the quality of the car. There are two ways through which you can find efficient used cars, one is by networking and other is by looking for suitable dealer.

Now what if you are new to some place, then networking might become difficult so here dealers can help you out. Now look for dealer near to your locality as this would help you to personally scrutinize the car. While examining used car it is essential to have enough amount of technical knowledge in order to successfully analyze the condition of the car. Many times car may give excellent appearance but when it comes to the usage of such car, it may not be worthy enough. So if you don’t possess enough amount of technical knowledge then look for some mechanic who can guide you in examining the car.

When you are traveling on day to day basis in your used or new car it is essential for your car to have some basic features like comfortable accommodation, contended seats, automatic transmission, steering wheel with stereo control, and so on. Cars with powerful headlights can make it possible for you to drive conveniently even during bad weather. Safety is foremost important feature of the car and so it is vital for every car to have enough of safety measures.

You can also avail the used cars for sale which are fuel efficient and offers excellent mileage. Used car you purchase must not make too much of noise and nor it should bounce on the road while driving. At the same time it should not be so smooth that even a little rough handling of car would lead to damage of car. Used cars which portrays excellent design and are technically fit can be the perfect choice for people looking forward to spend less amount of money. If you get in touch with correct dealer, purchasing car would not be a puzzle for you.

Cheap Used Cars Reviews

Owing car is no more distinctive thing now, as today everyone can have their own car by investing little money. As the technology sector is booming, number of inventions is also increasing in automotive sector. Growing car industries shows the rising demand of car in market. Now whether it is new or used car, if it has good usage value people are ready to spend the money.

It is not the investment which is to be made again and again so people look for the car that is worth investing. If your budget is not allowing you to spend money in new car then look for some cheap used cars.

These days where there is less economic stability, people are trying to curtail as much expenses as possible. This has resulted in more demand of used cars. When we talk about cheap used cars, you must be thinking about the quality of cheap cars, but you don’t need to worry as if you hunt aptly you can get quality cheap used cars.

If you are purchasing used car directly from owner then try to find out the cause behind sale of car. This would help you to know about overall condition of the car and can guide you to take wise decision. Try to get information related to cars from various sources so that you can later on make comparisons and select the best car.

See to it that your cheap used car posses:

Appropriate safety features

Whether it is new or used cars for sale, every car must have enough of safety features as this would keep you away from dangerous situation arising during the course of driving. It must possess safety features like airbags, automotive lights, day lights, and so on. With the use of day light you can prevent accidents even during bad weather conditions. Airbags would prevent you from getting dashed towards dashboard or towards front side. Enjoy your smooth and safe drive by looking for all such features in your cheap used cars.

Good and comfortable driving experience

When you purchase used cars, many time car keeps on making noise or bounces on the road. This would not allow you to have comfortable seating while driving the car. Your driving experience must be good even in cheap used cars and most importantly it should make you feel happy.